What do you think of when we say 'Promotional Merchandise'?

When people think of promotional products the first thing that comes to mind is usually something along the lines of a branded notebook or pen. Don’t get us wrong, branded pens and pads are great but there are thousands of new and innovative products that work just as well or even better for you when it comes to getting your brand out there and seen. In our experience, the quirkier the better!

Another assumption is that promotional merchandise is just for the office. There are plenty of promotional items that are desirable enough to take pride of place at home. Some of our favourites include a white noise speaker with a built-in wireless charger and the Coollux (the ultimate promotional product in our eyes) which is a wine cooler. This not only cools down your ‘Pinot’ but is also a lamp and powerful wireless speaker (cool right?!).

We think promotional merchandise can be as creative as you want it to be, with the option to have bespoke products made to suit you, why not push the boundaries? We know that promotional merch isn’t something that will just be thrown away, it will be something that sits on your customer’s desk, nightstand or in their car. This acts as a constant reminder of you and your company. So, it is super important that the merchandise you give to your customers represents your brand and its beliefs!

If you have a company mascot or logo that you would like brought to life, why not consider having a product bespoke made? From having a stress ball in the shape of your logo to a USB in the shape of the products you sell, there are loads more ways to incorporate your logo onto promotional merchandise, than you might think.

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